2018 SCJFL Meeting Minutes

Meeting Audio: Part 1 and Part 2

5:02 – Meeting to Order, Roll Call
5:04 – Oficer reports
1. Res – State Tourney – CA MS Organization, CMSF within SCJFL
2. CHSSA State Tournament
3. CMSF State Tournament Date, 3rd Week of May, Concurrent with CHSSA State Date
ROBERT: We’re cash flow positive. Scholarship Reports. We can keep track of league points for teams and individuals, and at an end of the year banquet, we could have the scholarship reports.
1. Officer elections – we need to have vice president, secretary, elementary chair, webmaster elections.
2. NOMINATIONS for Vice President – Robert: I nominate Mike Kyle. Our bylaws don’t say we need a ballot vote. If only one person is nominated, we move forward, and that person is nominated. Any requests for a ballot vote? (No requests). Voice vote – unanimous – none opposed.
3. NOMINATIONS for Secretary – Mike: I nominate Iain Lampert. All in favor, none opposed.
4. NOMINATIONS for Elementary Chair – Mike: I nominate Ebru Dogan. Robert: Ebru would be notified after the fact. Robert: I nominate Ralph Seymour. We’ll have at least three tournaments. AFTER A VOICE VOTE, Ebru Dogan is the chair. If Ebru denies, then the position falls to Ralph.
5. NOMINATIONS for Webmaster – Iain: I nominate Ralph Seymour. Voice vote, Ralph is the webmaster.
6. Shah Devari – the director of IEs for Orange County College – wants to host a tournament at his campus. We’re 50 exact miles away. We’re just tournament hosts, whatever rooms you need open, we’ll make it happen. OCC is in Costa Mesa California. We have a swap meet in the parking lot on Saturdays and Sundays, too! We’d like a November tournament, or the second weekend in December (just not 1st/2nd). In the spring, some time in February works well. We could get 80-100 rooms.
1. Section 1 is approved.
2. Section 2 is approved.
3. Section 3 – clarification/motion to amend 3-B-1
1. Denise – we don’t necessary have GRADES (grade level). That impacts 3-B-1.
2. Mike – if we change this to be more flexible, can we bring 5th graders to a middle school tournament?
3. Miller – there have been tournaments with number issue where we haven’t had enough spaces. I’d have to see MS kids NOT participate because ES kids are.
4. Conrad – That’s fair. Can we amend this to say that priority is given to MS AGED students and we allow ‘competing up’ but not competing down?
5. Kimball – Eligiblity…if you go to MS at 6th grader, that starts your three-year clock. We don’t want a fourth grader go for five years.
6. Alison – keeping this for middle level students is right.
7. Ricardo – some schools have a LOT of entries and some don’t, so are the first ones gone fifth graders or those who have a LOT of entries.
8. Mike – there’s a liability issue…we have a MS that was bringing ES kids from a different school.
9. Miller – for LAUSD, there are new rules in place regarding what paperwork needs to be done and what needs to happen with students competing under school banners.
10. Alison – maybe we change “3-B-1 to ‘mid-level students.”
11. Conrad – correction to “middle school AGED.”
12. Kimball – correction to “aged 10 to 14.”
13. Parker – at SoCal champs, we’re allowing fifth graders. I like that at the END of the year.
14. Conrad – can we say EITHER 6-8th grade AND/OR ‘of that approximate age, in keeping in the spirit of middle school competition.’
15. Ralph – “6-8 or the comparable academic level, in keeping with the spirit of middle school competition.”
4. Section 3 – motion to amend 3-A-4
1. Parker: I think that’s excessive…all year long, sending a trainee.
2. Cannon: I think that means one trainee per tournament.
3. Kyle: Amendment to clarify that.
4. Cannon: add “…AT a tournament throughout the season.”
5. Miller: “..AT a tournament SOMETIME throughout the season.”
5. Section 3-A-2 amendment
1. Ralph – someone on the board should collect liability insurance. Should the treasurer get that?
2. Robert – collect it from your board member.
3. Mike – call your agent, get a writer onto your insurance policy that says ‘your tournament is covered.’ We should supply a template.
4. Mike – liability must be submitted to a BOARD MEMBER and on file in the SCJFL office.
5. Robert – we’ve been operating so long without a hard set of rules in hand, just based on past practice, we need to clean this stuff up.
6. Mike – there used to be a number of schools making fake academies with unique names and a bunch of things throughout the full year and they would bring ANYONE to compete. It’s to protect the venues.
6. Robert really wanted a coke. Kate got him a coke.
7. Section 4 approved
1. Parker – Some folks are sending me newcomers, but I want it to stop, because it says the president shall deal with it. If the president asked me to do so, I’d like to do so, but I don’t want it forwarded to me anymore.
8. Section 5 approved
9. Section 6
1. Mike – does this cover anything about determining discounts? We don’t have a system.
2. Robert – there have been people who want to come in late during the season at a discounted rate. The current answer has been no.
3. Under 6-A-3, we accidentally wrote 7-A-2; motion to change to 6-A-2 carries.
4. Parker – Under 6-E, I heard that people get scholarships to go to nationals, is that true?
5. Cannon – The committee didn’t say that such a thing happened. It may be a misunderstanding. We can investigate.
6. Miller – Under F-1-c, why are we giving $200 per day for tab?
7. Kyle – that seems like a lot of money. A boost is fine…but you don’t want to attract people who are there for the money.
8. Cannon – that was the point, that we could bring in people who would do it for the money.
9. Parker – I had thought $150 for one payment, one total payment. What’s the difference between a tournament director, tournament host, and a tab director?
10. Cannon – this is to set a standard to bring new schools in. Host handles logistics of the facility. Tab/tournament director runs the tab for that tournament and that’s basically it.
11. Parker – so tab/tournament director is the same thing.
12. Conrad – we could have a nefarious person that claims to have five tab directors. We should limit it to ONE tab director per tournament.
13. MOTION by Conrad to clarify tab and tournament director throughout the document. PASS.
14. MOTION by Parker to clarify ombudsmen to always mean VICE PRESIDENT unless a conflict of interest arises, at which point it becomes the vice president.
15. Parker – Robert suggested we can add another fee as a school fee. If we had a small tournament of 10, that’s $250. Then he said that can go to the host tournament director.
16. Miller – these extra fees will really hurt up and coming programs.
17. Lampert – MOTION to amend VI-F-1-c to erase everything after ‘tab directors to expense cost’ and add ‘at the discretion of the tournament host.’ They may charge higher school fees at their discretion, not to exceed an additional $25 per school per tournament, to pay the tournament workers.” PASSES.
18. Miller – can we spell out trophy costs?
19. Kyle – we can examine the idea of during a per-student fee; some events have two competitors per slot. APPROVE.
10. Section 7 – approved.
11. Section 8 –
1. MOTION – To add in different topic areas to Impromptu. PASSES.
2. MOTION – No props may be used. PASSES.
3. MOTION – To clarify a single notebook not to exceed 4 by 6. PASSES.
4. MOTION – To delete the ‘having speakers wait outside’ sections PASSES.
5. MOTION – Each speaker will draw three topics and choose one. PASSED.
6. MOTION – Page 21 -to delete 8-c – deleted. PASSED.
7. MOTION – Page 21 – to delete a part of 8-a (and add ‘see Impromptu rules above.’) PASSED.
8. MOTION – Page 21 – to change ‘may be used’ to ‘must be used.’ PASSED.
9. MOTION – Page 9 – to add that use of internet is optional, but the tournament will not provide. PASSED.
10. MOTION – Page 9 – a single notecard is stricken.
11. MIKE makes and withdraws a motion that we need to look at speech through a word count in the constructive LD speeches or say that it’s not intended to be a speed debate. Perhaps, “the SCJFL prefers that the debate does not reach spreading levels.”
1. Kimball – judge adaptation solves.
12. MOTION – To LD, ‘Excessive speaking speed in debate is discouraged by the league.’ PASSES.
13. MOTION to make CX have 8 minutes of prep as opposed to 5. PASSES.
14. MOTION to give two minute prep to Stanford SPAR, not just one minute. PASSES.
15. MOTION to make Stanford SPAR four minutes of CX time as opposed to five minutes. PASSES.
16. MOTION to make it so competitors are not permitted to access the internet during prep time or the round of Stanford SPAR. PASSES.
17. MOTION – To PF, ‘Excessive speaking speed in debate is discouraged by the league.’ PASSES.
18. MOTION to let elementary schoolers use board-approved topics for PF. MOTION to make sure that topics are distributed one month prior. PASSES.
19. MOTION to strike ‘on a realist subject’ in Informative. PASSES.
20. MOTION to add ‘Expository’ – 5 minutes, no visual aids. PASSES.
21. MOTION to add an event that’s called Informative – 5 minutes, with visual aids. PASSES.
22. Parker – we have to make sure that OO is mainly persuasive. Mike – we should create After-Dinner Speaking to handle the speech to entertain element.
23. MOTION – to persuade the audience about a problem in society, with the secondary quality of entertaining and informing, PASSES.
24. MOTION – change Original Oratory to PERSUASIVE speaking. PASSES.
25. MOTION – reinstate Original Oratory, but say that the intent IS to persuade/inform AND entertain the audience. PASSES
26. MOTION – prose can only be drawn from one source. PASSES.
27. MOTION – delete ‘presentation is from the manuscript and.’ PASSES.
28. MOTION – add ‘early elementary children’ to Storytelling. FAILS.
29. MOTION – make Creative DUO 10 minutes, not 7. PASSES.
31. MOTION – change Duet Acting to make it one continuous scene, two characters, two chairs. PASSES.
32. MOTION – to make Duet Acting 5 minutes, not 7. PASSES.
33. MOTION – make sure there’s two minutes prep for Sight-reading. PASSES.
34. MOTION – strike the ‘other speakers shall leave the room’ segments. PASSES.
35. MOTION – make there one minute prep of Sight-Reading. PASSES.
36. MOTION – oversight on the selection of the material in Sight-Reading; hold it to age-appropriate performance literature. PASSES.
37. MOTION – strike ‘use of manuscript is required’ for Original Prose & Poetry. PASSES.
38. MOTION – make it clear that Original Prose/Poetry will be for individuals, not DUOs. PASSES.
39. MOTION – to strike ‘poetry’ from Sight-reading options. PASSES.
40. MOTION – to strike ‘and Acting’ in Integrous Plagiarism. PASSES.
41. MOTION – to change all instances of ‘integrous plagiarism’ to ‘performative plagiarism.” PASSES.
42. MOTION – to prevent Impromptu speakers from using the same example in the same way more than two times per tournament. PASSES.
12. Laid on table the issue of defining novice versus rookie.
13. MOTION – eliminate ‘evidence violations’ section and to collapse ‘procedures for resolving evidence violations.’ FAILS.
14. MOTION to strike ‘sweepstakes awards.’ FAILS.
15. MOTION to strike ‘Sat/Sun’ under three. PASSES.
16. MOTION to strike ‘personnel.’ PASSES.
17. MOTION to strike the last sentence of ‘#6.’ PASSES.
18. MOTION to add a line saying that tournaments are open to the public, but at the discretion of the tournament staff, observers may be asked to leave (based on conduct). Misconduct is grounds for removal. PASSES.
20. MOTION TO RECESS proposed and passes. Reconvened at 9:22 PM.
21. MOTION to change the order of the bylaws to END with Honors. PASSES.
22. Schedule discussion
1. T1 is…
1. DUO, Storytelling, Rookie/Open SPAR, Prose, Expository
2. Hosted at Jefferson – October 19th.
23. LAID ON TABLE. Lily motions to add a MEDIATION event and for Lily and Mike to discuss it later on. Limited prep. PASSES.
24. MOTION – add Speech to Entertain, an original humorous speech by the student. Speech should not resemble a night club act, maximum is 5 minutes, no visual aids, with academic source language. PASSES.
25. MOTION – offer dialectic SPAR – a new SPAR. It’s a ranked event, not win/loss. You take two sides at the beginning but come to a compromise/agreement at the ending. Same time structure as from Stanford SPAR. PASSES.
26. Schedule discussion, Part 2
1. T2…
1. DI, OO, Original DUO, Rookie/Open Impromptu, Speech to Entertain, Poetry
2. November 30 at Walter Reed.
2. T3…
1. Dialectic SPAR, HI, POI, Declamation, Extemp
2. February 22 at Emerson.
3. T4…
1. Congress, DUET Acting, Original Interpretation, Sight Reading, Informative, Impromptu, Mediation; Big Questions in the morning
2. April 27, Costa Mesa/OCC
4. SoCal CHAMPS wants to be on the first weekend in May. If this works, this will always be the first weekend in May on an annual basis. PASSED.
5. Ricardo proposes that SoCal CHAMPS is held at ELAC again. PASSED.
27. Mike – CHSSA proposed a date without doing research. Sal offered free breakfast and things of that nature. CHSSA needs to say what do we have to do to make things work. For us as a league, I was a little insulted by the episode.
28. MOTION that we use BQ, LD, CX, PF at every event throughout the year.
1. We can do it on February 23, says Kudos. There may be a problem with that; Scott has objected to including Big Questions. Mike Kyle objects.
2. MOTION to reconsider the host passes. Proposal is T1 at OCC on October 27. Nova 42 will tab. PASSES.
3. MOTION to host T4 at La Reina at March 30.
29. MOTION to eliminate writing award for DUO. PASSES.
30. MOTION to create dance cards before the tournament. FAILS.
31. MOTION that judge training be the responsibility of the school that is providing the judges. FAILS.
32. MOTION that judge training is the responsibility of a league/board member to train the judges in a speedy manner, and a document that can be put online. PASSES.
33. MOTION to discuss the sort of judges—we want a balance of parents, high schoolers, hired judges, coaches. PASSES.
34. MOTION so coaches can be encouraged to judge AND create a judges’ preference rule for the judge table. PASSES.
35. MOTION so coaches are allowed to judge. PASSES.
36. MOTION so coaches are allowed and encouraged to judge. PASSES.
37. SUSPENSION OF RULE to limit speaking time to 45 seconds.
38. MOTION that the league is diligent about collecting a list of judges who are problematic, so the SCJFL board can review complaints and impose sanctions when appropriate. PASS.
39. MOTION that the board be empowered to use league funds to hired judges as needed. PASS.
40. MOTION that we experiment pre-setting judges for Tournament 3, Round 1, to be released afterwards but we train Round 2/3 judges. This would allow experienced judges from other teams as well. PASS.
41. MOTION to allow teams to enter judges that don’t conflict with individual students that can judge the larger team, at the coach’s discretion. The coach has to put in the votes. FAIL.
42. MOTION that the host, at its discretion, when it hires judges, to exempt schools from its judging requirement. The host remains in charge. PASS.
43. MOTION – if we approach a single vendor for trophies for the year, we can get a discount. Robert is happy to do that with House of Trophies. Ricardo happy with Anderson trophies. A good negotiation is checking out at least three places. Put it to the board….BUT A SCHOOL CAN OPT OUT IF THEY CAN GET IT FOR CHEAPER. PASS.
44. MOTION to have great cumulative sweepstakes awards. FAILS.
45. LAID ON TABLE motion to have some end of season ‘good character’ award.
46. MOTION to discuss tournament reimbursement at a later date. PASSES.
47. MOTION to have an elementary school national tournament. FAILS.
48. MOTION that we try again to get a logo next year, submitted by November 30. PASSES.
49. New Business
1. MOTION – Tabbers to get assigned tonight. FAILS.
2. MOTION that people volunteer to tab and there’s a stipend; if multiple people volunteer, it is the tournament host’s discretion as to who gets to tab. PASS.
3. MOTION that Mike Kyle tabs D1. PASS.
4. MOTION that the board decides who should be the tab directors and should notify the host at least 1 month prior. PASS.
5. Every elementary tournament has been hosted at Roosevelt. We should talk to Roosevelt. MOTION that it’s the elementary chair’s responsibility to cover dates, venues for elementary tournament. PASS.
6. MOTION that we make a scholarship meeting this summer (2018) to handle a scholarship, banquet, and that the ‘end of the year committee’ handles it. Motion to establish this committee. PASS.
7. Motion that people volunteer to be on the end of year committee. PASS.
1. Denise, Ted, Mike, Matt, Ricardo, John have all volunteered.
50. Announcements
1. We got a lot of work done tonight.
Adjourned at 12:27 AM.

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