The SCJFL has been in existence for over 20 years. What began as a small league with only 4-6 schools, has slowly grown into a large community of participants. Since 2010, our membership, comprised of public schools, private schools, and after-school organizations, has grown to over 20 participating members, all working towards the same goal. We work to prove that middle school students are capable of competing at a high level while still maintaining sportsmanship and respect for all competitors, both expert and novice.

We typically follow the rules of the National Speech and Debate Association, but also throw in a couple of locally created events that the coaches feel help the students with their oratory skills. The coaches in our league focus on student learning as much as they focus on the goals of competition.

Our tournaments are the ultimate in Project Based Learning, and our students understand that achievement isn’t just about winning trophies, but about the daily assessments of working towards an authentic goal.

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